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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cornerstone Financial Services pride itself on its extensive corporate citizenship endeavors, and in supporting its local communities and charities through firm-wide sponsorships, board positions, charitable donations and grass roots volunteerism.

The impact of these contributions was the inspiration for "Cornerstone Financial Services Foundation" an international initiative to complement corporate responsibility, foster employee engagement and strengthen community relationships through philanthropy. Cornerstone Financial Services in Action encompasses the following programs:


The Volunteer program centers on giving to our communities and environmental surroundings. Volunteer opportunities and events can be throughout the year and also during our Annual Global Volunteer Initiative. Since the program's launch in 2015, Cornerstone Financial Services has sponsored multiple community-based events with employees volunteering widely.

Fund Matching

The Fund Matching program provides financial support to organizations chosen by group members. Cornerstone Financial Services matches employee contributions dollar for dollar. Since 2009, Cornerstone Financial Services has matched employee donations to organizations focused on Education, Health and Human Services, Civics, Arts & Culture, and environmental surroundings.

Corporate Giving

The Corporate Giving program focuses on providing support to non-profit organizations and events through corporate sponsorship donations. Each year, Cornerstone Financial Services partners with assorted organizations centered on Education, Civics, Arts & Culture, and Disaster Resolution.



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