Wealth Management
for the long term

Our Philosophy

Our approach revolves around sustained, long-term, incremental investment for optimal returns. It is simply through attaining comprehensive clarity of your objectives that we can focus our resources on your achievement.

Our role is not providing you with the latest, sure-thing stock tip or persuading you to buy this quarter's best performing mutual investment. With Cornerstone Financial Services, it's about furnishing you with an apparent image of what it is that you need to reach financially and supplying the well-researched and customized advice to succeed successfully.

Whether you might want to plan for retirement or minimize your tax liability, we have got the experience and expertise to help you make the decisions today that will positively impact tomorrow.

As a persistent concern, the group is accountable only to our clients.

And since we are a fee-only organization, you can be confident that our advice is always objective and focused only on the achievement of our clients' goals. All of our compensation comes solely from our clients. We receive no corporate commission, and we operate only on our clients' behalf with neither bias nor conflict curiosity. Every recommendation we make has your best financial interest as its sole stimulus.



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Cornerstone Financial Services is Trademarked in the United States and is registered in New York, United States, and is a provider of services such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, bankruptcy, financial advice, equity advisory and private placements.