Wealth Management
for the long term


Stocks are amongst the primary means regarding raising additional capital for companies.

The most active stocks are traded daily throughout an ever expanding global market. There are millions of different stock variants. Nevertheless the most common are ordinary stocks.

Stockholders will usually receive dividends twice yearly. These dividends are based upon the business' profitability. Dividends can be increased, decreased or suspended but, long-term, are inclined to embrace value, which provides stockholders with a measure of offset against inflation.

Stock prices can, and do, fluctuate in the short-term, caused by a change, in other words, term market sentiment for that company, the company sector that operates or perhaps the general economic outlook. Selling stocks may produce a capital gain for investors, as number realized at sale could be greater than what was initially paid to attain the stock. A capital gain obtained on selling of stock is often subject together with a capital gains tax. Capital losses may be used as a off-set against gains for tax purposes in many jurisdictions. Committing to individual stocks does carry risk, and investing in the wrong company could mean losing some or most of the original investment.



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