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Investment Criteria

At Cornerstone Financial Services, our team of advisors abides by specific principles in approaching new finance. In adhering to these principles, our conclusions are soundly in line with facts and fundamentals.

Existing Client Referrals

We enjoy being referred by our existing clients, simply because it helps eliminate doubt between both parties within the venture. With referrals, much of the pre-qualification can be expedited, because they have greater clarity of what we are capable of doing.

New and Emerging Markets

We invest into companies that have ventured into new markets and are in their first stages of growth. If the market shows strong sustainability and growth potential, then Cornerstone Financial Services will consider providing funds that will asist start up companies.

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities in specialist areas, as they can offer strong capital gains in their respective fields


A company's vision must be clear. Services or products should be easily explainable, clearly demonstrating why it possesses a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Cornerstone Financial Services believes that, ultimately, you should communicate with consumers, marketing teams, and sales personnel to effectively promote your product.



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