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Capital Investment

Having experienced a slight upturn in enterprise finance within recent months, most analysts agree that the present prospects for capital inflows are trending down. The repercussions of this fallout have yet to come to light, but at Cornerstone Financial Services, we feel that our role in raising capital has never been more important.

We remain focused about our mission and continue to be able to offer to funds for expansion, growth, and acquisitions at an occasion when components have become increasingly strenuous.

Cornerstone Financial Services focuses on a simpler business model, that the lender retains the loan rather than selling it on in the now defunct securitization markets.

Our corporate clients are pleasantly surprised to learn that Cornerstone Financial Services maintains a healthy network of strategic business alliances which continues to offer our corporate clients essential finance to pursue mergers and orders.



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Cornerstone Financial Services is Trademarked in the United States and is registered in New York, United States, and is a provider of services such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, bankruptcy, financial advice, equity advisory and private placements.