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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Cornerstone Financial Services' outstanding track record in representing corporations, investors, and stockholders at sensitive stages of mergers and acquisitions speaks for itself.

Our team of professional consultants can draw upon a wealth of hands-on experience and are experts at identifying the most appropriate approach or response to offers.

Cornerstone Financial Services can expedite the progress of your company's expansion, or diversification by identifying and protecting your most worthy assets or intellectual residence. This has the additional advantage of leaving the unspent funds free for use elsewhere. Conversely, we provide technical help to the existing business for acquisition paying out particular attention to the desired assets, the renewal or continuation of current contracts and orders, the company's balance sheet, outstanding debt and negotiating compensation for key employees who may elect to stay with the soon to become acquired firm.

Cornerstone Financial Services might expedite share offerings, by advising close to the implementation of corporate infrastructure, introducing regulatory compliance and implementing the industry- standard financial reporting systems that potential investors demand.



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Cornerstone Financial Services is Trademarked in the United States and is registered in New York, United States, and is a provider of services such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, bankruptcy, financial advice, equity advisory and private placements.